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Policy Engine

protection for
your funds

Safeguard your funds with a highly customizable policy
and workflow engine tailored to your operational needs.

Customisable engine

Multiple levels of
protection for your assets


Invite and manage users across your enterprise account

Give users in your organization access but limit permissions across these various roles: 

  • Super Administrator
  • Administrator
  • User
  • Auditor

Group 630263483

Manage users within each wallet 

Create multiple wallets and manage users across these wallets with the wallet roles:

  • Wallet Approver
  • Wallet Spender
  • Wallet Viewer

Group 630263484

Protect your funds with wallet level policies

Limit the possibility of internal collusion, bad actors and human error by protecting your funds with policies across multiple wallets:  

  • Approval Threshold
  • Final Approver
  • Spending Limit
  • Whitelisted Addresses