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The leading infrastructure provider for crypto firms


The widest range of APIs needed to build any business in crypto

With Levain's extensive array of tools designed for wallet and custody infrastructure, crypto businesses can develop any application they envision, all with the highest level of security and customizability.

Safeguard your funds with provable non-custodial wallets

Levain gives crypto businesses complete control with the only provable self-custody solution. This ensures that no other entity, including Levain, can access your crypto. We empower you with true non-custodial capabilities.


Seamless access to DeFi within the Web3 ecosystem

Build applications that harness the full potential of DeFi. Expand your offering to seize the constantly-evolving opportunities across multiple chains and DeFi protocols for your users.

Single source of truth for all your investments across DeFi

With real-time updates, track your investment returns and monitor performance across your wallets and portfolio. Leverage a data-driven approach to identify underperforming assets and strategies to make effective decisions such as divestments or reallocations.

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“I cannot recommend Levain enough for anyone seeking a top-notch crypto custody solution. With unmatched security, user-friendly interface, exceptional customer support, and a commitment to transparency, it has revolutionized the way I manage and protect my digital assets.”

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